There are 4 key categories that the Financial Freedom test measures


Your assets are what will create the income for you to live on when you stop work. The more you have, the higher your income and quality of lifestyle. Your assets are the foundation of your financial freedom.


Your liabilities are what you owe to others - like personal loans for cars or travel, any credit cards or even your home or investment loans. Having high levels of debt are a serious block in your path to financial freedom


You can't save your way to Financial Freedom. You need to be able to use other peoples money to buy assets, by using leverage. That means, you need to be able to borrow money. And the higher and more stable your income, the better you will be able to build your financial freedom portfolio. 


Financial Freedom isn't going to happen for you by a week from next Tuesday. It will probably take a while. So it's best to get started as soon as you can. But how do you where to start? You need some kind of plan. The more detailed the better.

So you want to be financially free?

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Financial Freedom is the ability to choose to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you choose.

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